choose your shipping metode before you "place order" by fill your personal information address

we will send you the shipping code by email after the invoice

like this;

Thank You

Best Regars, Mario Minardi


Payment Options

Credit Card

Bank Transfer


How To Pay?

Credit Card

  • Fill all the Credit Card data include; Card Number, CVV code, and Expired date that shown on your Credit Card
  • Then just click Pay Now.  Payment will be automatically update to your Credit Card
  • We take a good care of all your privacy information

Bank Transfer

  • Choose one bank option that you will use
  • Choose payment method
  • Virtual Account will automatically update your payment
  • Complete Payment




  • For payment with GO-Pay you should open the Gojek application
  • Click Pay Now on the Menu
  • Scand the Barcode
  • Confirm
  • The Payment will be autimatically updated




Create an Account is to facilitate the customer for ordering products in Mario Minardi, and also keep Customer update New Product, Sale, and so on. Your information Account will be save but not shown to us, so that your data will be safe.

Sign up

  • Please click Log in on the account menu
  • Click Sign Up menu
  • Fill your Account Information
  • Don't forget to check the Terms and Service Privacy

Log In

  • Click Log In on the account menu
  • Fill your Email and Password
  • Click Log In

Forgot Password

  • Click Log In on the account menu
  • Click Forgot Password
  • Fill your email address
  • A password reset link will be send to your email within 10 minutes
  • Check your Inbox email
  • Click the link on the email
  • You will Transfered to the link side
  • Create your new password
  • Click Save



How Can I Order?

  • Choose and Click on product
  • Choose and Click your color
  • Choose and Click your Size if it is shoes
  • Add to cart
  • Click cart menu
  • Check Out
  • Fill your personal data

PS. You should choose the size before the color or the product wont shown

If your billing address is not your shipping address please check the shipping address option

  • Choose your shipping option
  • Check the agreement
  • Click Place Order